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09th December 2009

The Origin of Happy Hormones What is the History of Chocolate

The Origin of Happy Hormones: What is the History of Chocolate? Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates! Delicious, delectable, sweet, bitter, nutty, creamy, soothing, calming... how else can we describe chocolate? Who wouldn't love these sweet confections?...

09th December 2009

The History of Chocolates and Chocolate as a Food Source

The History of Chocolates It is believed that the Aztecs were the first ones to have grown the cocoa crops the entire history of chocolates. And that they turned out to be the chocolates we love and just can't resist until now! They began using these ...

09th December 2009

The History Of Chocolates And Dieting

The History Of Chocolates And Dieting Looking at the history of chocolates, countless people would look at chocolate as a delectably and irresistible sweet dessert invented during the modern times. But they are all wrong! It was actually during the anc...

07th December 2009

Recommended Desktop Computers

Recommended Desktop Computers: With technology stirring up new innovations every day, computers have taken a large part in most peoples lives, both young and old. There are many options ranging from hand held devices, notebooks and the tired and true pers...