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15th January 2010

Is Reality TV Ethical?

Reality TV shows are a big hit around the world. Viewers are attracted to the dramas that take place on reality TV sets, while producers and advertisers are pleased with the significant revenues that reality TV generates. In order to create the dramatic s...

14th January 2010

Why Are Reality Shows So Popular

Switch on the television at any time of the day, you are almost sure to find a reality show on some channel or the other. Chances are that you have watched at least one of these shows and have taken a fancy to following the minutiae of the contestants&rsq...

08th December 2009

Do You Want to Win a Reality Show?

Love it or hate it, reality shows are here to stay. Several youngsters aspire to be on the shows for a multitude of reasons. Talent hunts, especially for music and dance, are the ones that seem to have many takers. Aspirants as well as contestants of ...

08th December 2009

Reality Shows: Are They for Real?

Reality shows have become a huge part of India's television screens. It allows the audience to be part of the show along with providing entertainment value via celebrity judges and controversies that arise due to the interactions of contestants on screen....

07th December 2009

India Wakes Up to Reality TV

The young population of India has taken very well to the new phenomenon that has come to dominate primetime television screen. Reality TV shows have burst into the hearts of the TV viewing public. Considering the slow moving narratives and stale convolute...

07th December 2009

Reality Shows: Does Reality Bite?

Apparently it does, quite pleasurably if one is to gauge the response from the popularity of the reality shows that have completely taken over the Indian television screens. Reality shows were introduced in India close to a decade ago. Channel V launc...

30th November 2009

Learn about the Dark Side of Reality TV with Uberstar, India’s Hottest New Novel

If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of reality TV, you'll love India's hottest novel, Uberstar .Uberstar is Australian author Vaughn Alaine-Marshall's debut novel that follows the lives of eleven hopefuls in the world's biggest reality ...

30th November 2009

Learn the Ugly Truth Behind Reality Stardom in India with the Hot New Novel, Uberstar

Uberstar is Australian writer Vaughn Alain-Marshall's debut novel that takes you behind the scenes of the world's biggest reality TV shows. Although the book is fiction, much of it is based upon Alaine-Marshall's experiences talking to reality-show produ...