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About Me: Kirsten Plotkin is a writer and author. She has written countless articles on the internet, covering a variety of subjects.

So far, she has published two books online. The first, 'My Own Plan', about her amazing loss of weight five years ago, which became a permanent weight loss. She has remained slim for more than five years. That proves she will never have to diet again.

The second book was about her hobby, which is candle making. How to make novelty candles was published recently. For a while it was to have been the foundation of a home business, but she came to her senses. She realized she is a writer not a marketer.

Kirsten believes in the importance of knowing our own strengths and weaknesses. This gains us the most valuable knowledge we can possess. It allows us to focus our time and efforts on the skills we know we are good at.

It also stops us from following Pied Pipers with other seemingly clever programs for which we are not suited.
Once we know what we are capable of, we can build on it and go beyond that.

Kirsten is about to start her third book. The topic is a secret at this stage, but she hopes to have it published within the next three months. As always, she hopes it will be of great help to a lot of people.


07th December 2009

How to get a diet free weight loss.

To me diet free weight loss means I never have to diet again and that is how it should be. Nature provided for everything. It designed us with a metabolism to control our weight. How great is that? But like most of nature's works of art, we had to go one ...

25th November 2009

Eliminate diet cravings

If not for a group of people who called themselves nutritionists, and their chance encounter with something called cholesterol, it is unlikely the average person today would suffer from diet cravings and they would probably look a lot slimmer. Thirty ...

25th November 2009

weight loss with no diet

The Big Diet Fraud That Started Obesity To say you can have a weight loss with no diet was not an interesting topic to people thirty years ago. The vast majority of people were slim and most never saw a reason to go on a diet. Those who occasionally did ...

25th November 2009

eliminate diets

Sometimes it seems like just about everyone is on a diet. Of course, nobody can stay on a diet forever. Your health will suffer and the weight will still creep back as soon as you stop the diet. I think finally, people have begun to realize that diets ar...

25th November 2009

diet cravings

Most people have come to realize that diets do not work. Your body cannot adjust to a low calorie regime. That is why it is so great to finally have a safe way to get a permanent weight loss. Permanent weight loss means you lose weight without cutting ca...