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23rd November 2009

Home Remedy to Whiten Your Teeth (teeth Whitening)

Written by: It is customary to measure the color of the teeth (before and after whitening procedure) in a scale measuring the shade of the teeth. A full shade guide will have 16 shades arranged from light to dark. Teeth whitening...

23rd November 2009

Teeth Whitening Risks and Who Should Consider Consulting His Dentists Before Starting

Teeth whitening is considered safe as long as following instructions. However, as in many products, there are certain risks (side effects) users should be aware of: * Sensitivity - whitening (or more accurately bleaching) can cause a temporary incr...

23rd November 2009

Teeth whitening is not a myth

By: Truth about teeth whitening Teeth whitening works and that is a fact! Anyone who decides to achieve whiter teeth and follow the instruction, doesn't matter if it is a home product or in office whitening as long as it is a h...