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20th April 2011

Is a Chemical Peel for Brown Spots a Wise Idea?

You may have of some women resorting to a chemical peel for age spots, but is this really a good idea. It is not something I would ever consider doing. But, if you really want to do this, make sure you do your research first.   A chemical peel also know...

07th April 2011

Chemical Peels for Wrinkles Are Not Your Best Option

Why do people insist on trying chemical peels for wrinkles? Is it due to our obsession with refusing to age gracefully?   Whatever the reason, many people including myself feel that there are too many dangers associated with this method of reducing wri...

24th February 2011

Buying American Doll Clothes

When it comes to buying American Doll clothes they can prove quite expensive to buy. So as a result the number of outfits you are able to put your wonderful doll in can be somewhat limited. However we offer some tips below that you may find useful and...

18th February 2011

Find Out How to Choose an Effective Facial Skin Care Treatment

Due to the advancements in science combined with advancements in extraction of natural vitamins and minerals from plant sources a facial skin care treatment can help reduce the signs of aging better than at any other time in history.  The skin on our f...

02nd December 2010

Choosing the Best Body Lotion for Men

Most guys do not use any sort of cream or lotion at all. However, more men than ever are starting to take much better care of their skin. With that in mind, keep reading for some very pertinent information on the best body lotion for men. I know quite ...

20th November 2009

The Secrets to an Effective Age Defying Age Cream

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have beautiful skin again? Finding the right age defying age cream is not easy when there are so many products from which to choose. To top it off, most of the large cosmetic companies put millions of dollar...