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15th January 2010

Eco Friendly Cleaning Materials And Their Relevance In Our Life

We have enjoyed the quick and the momentary effects of chemical based cleaning materials so far. The cleaning base of bleach, chlorine and caustics are having the momentary effect and saving a lot of trouble for our house hold. But it leaves a permanent d...

16th December 2009

Organic Fabrics For Fair Trade Practices

If we decide to go for the natural fabric and if we want to induce others too to follow the same path,we have to also take into consideration of the regulations of Fair Trade. These regulations are nothing but to adhere to the principles of fair and equal...

15th December 2009

A Firm Dedicated To The Environment Sustainability

If we take a decision to have fabrics which is devoid of any chemicals we will be one among many to be instrumental for avoiding many negative impacts which are having far reaching consequences. The notable among them is that we are taking the first step ...