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05th May 2010

Who is a Good Candidate for Tattoo Removal

People get tattoos for many reasons including self-expression, to foster a group identity, or to commemorate an occasion. Circumstances change over time though and your body art may cause embarrassment years later. The full sleeve tattoo you got when you ...

05th May 2010

Juvederm - Who is an ideal candidate?

As we age, our bodies lose fat in some of the facial areas, which actually makes the body appear older. Dark spots can appear under the eyes which aren't actually dark because you are tired, but are dark because the fat has disappeared, causing a concave ...

24th November 2009

Professional Teeth Whitening - Who is a Great Candidate for this Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment?

Little by little, external factors will detract from the whiteness in the teeth's enamel. Sometimes, this occurs gradually over time. Those that enjoy drinking tea or coffee may not realize how they are contributing to the prolonged staining of the teeth....