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09th November 2009

Features of USB Cable

USB cables are the data cables which are used to connect a computer or laptop and the outside source such as digital cameras, mobile phones, video recorders and mp3 players. These cables can easily fit into the standard USB ports present in the computer o...

09th November 2009

Features of Monster Cable

You might be watching entertainment programs and pictures by using LCD TV or a home theater. All these come to your house through Monster cable. It is high standard audio as well as video equipment connecting the cable that belongs to the same type. This ...

09th November 2009

DVI Technology

DVI stands for Digital Video Interface which is a video connector specially designed by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG). They aimed at providing the best picture quality display devices such as LCD screens and digital projectors to the customers....

09th November 2009

Benefits of Duracell Rechargeable

Duracell introduced the pre-charged rechargeable batteries made up of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) cells that are already charged when purchased and can be used immediately. The rechargeable battery is also known as the storage battery. It is a group of on...

09th November 2009

Features of Duracell Battery

Duracell battery is the alkaline battery that can last up to 6 times longer than that of carbon battery. Normally, the lifespan of this battery depends on the type of the equipment and how it is used. If the drain rate of the equipment is higher and the u...

09th November 2009

Features and Selecting Factors of Bluetooth Earpiece

The Bluetooth earpiece is most commonly used for talking on a mobile phone without the need of holding the phone to the ear or deal with wired headsets. This device is just like the ear bud with headphones that fits in the person's ear. He can talk on the...