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10th March 2011

The GoPro: Not Just A Helmet Camera

Hang glider? Skydiver? Rock climber? Mountain biker? Skateboarder? No matter what your obsession, you need a helmet camera to seal your bragging rights. Whether your aim is to record your latest daredevil stunt for YouTube glory or simply to capture ...

20th January 2011

Smashed iPhone can still be recycled

Do you have a smashed iPhone that you do not know what to do with? Have you ever thought that you could actually make money from it? If not, then you are not alone. In the United States alone, around 500,000 smashed iPhone, Blackberry or any number of o...

06th December 2010

Great Family Portraits Idea Get Thumbs up from Grandma

Living in the Eden Prairie, Minnetonka and Burnsville, Minnesota, Vernin Hills, Aurora and Northbrook, Illinois, West Des Moines and Coraville in Iowa, Florence and Louisville, Kentucky, Columbus and Dublin, Ohio, or in the Portland, Oregon area and hav...

06th December 2010

Today’s Family Portrait Sittings Are Tomorrow’s Treasured Memories

A family portrait sitting at one of the many modern studios of Flash Portraits located in Illinois, Kentucky and Iowa, Oregon, Ohio and Minnesota not only creates a treasured memory for life, but makes a wonderful gift for family and friends. Flash P...

26th May 2010

Coconut Bean Stew With Coconut Recipe

Beans are mostly considered healthy foods especially for those people who are looking to lose weight. They are also said to have much more lower risks in health cases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. They contain proteins and are ant...

14th May 2010

How To Catch A Nice Movie

You have just come from work, it is 5pm. You make yourself a quick meal and throw yourself on the sofa, as usual, you pick your remote and there is nothing interesting on TV. You long to watch a Nice Movie that will make you laugh…to unwind the stress...

26th April 2010

How to cook Chili Beans

Chili beans are the beans prepared in a sauce in the Latin American region. Usually, chili beans are cooked in meat, but you can make them vegetarian if you want. The dish is eaten alone, served over rice or bread and can also be used instead of sauce i...

12th April 2010

Save on Property Tax

If you live in Texas, you need to understand the nature of the property tax situation in your state. The state operates on property taxes. Local appraisal districts determine the annual valuations, and you can save on property tax by protesting the way ...

23rd March 2010

Use Clip-in Human Hair Extensions for a Lovely look

There are various things about the process of moving vehicles that you will need to know, long before you have a car shipped. Be aware first that the terms for pick-up and delivery are not guaranteed dates, but only estimates. There are usually unforese...

23rd March 2010

Clip In Hair Extensions for Special Styles

If you wore hair extensions in the distant past, you'll be pleased to know that the modern extensions of today can be found in various styles, and they can be attached using different methods that were not previously available. One popular style is a cl...

23rd March 2010

Human Hair Extensions to Give You a Special Look

Human hair extensions are a simple and quick way to update your look and give you extra length or thickness. You can also have them clipped in, if you want to add color or highlights temporarily. Here is some information on why human hair works so well ...