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08th February 2010

Relevance of relationship advice

Relationships cause the most pain to people. As they are tricky it is important to get help of relationship advice in the case you face some problem. The human nature is difficult to understand. People behave in a way which may be quite puzzling for a...

08th February 2010

Expansion of media and funny news

News has become a commodity in the modern world. There are many sources of all kinds of news including funny news. In the old times when people used to feel the need to know about any event they used to fall back on the word of mouth of their friends and...

15th January 2010

Social life and Indian cartoonist

India is considered a heaven for cartoonists as it has so many themes to make fun of. Any Indian cartoonist can make so many cartoons on various subjects of the country's social and political life. Cartooning is a creative and engaging art. You need to ...

15th January 2010

Why people like funny pictures

Humans have this great desire to see amusing and funny pictures. It entertains them a lot, as they make them laugh. Most of people are simply bored of their daily routine existence. They look for some opportunities to have fun. On the other hands huma...

15th January 2010

The business of fun

In the modern world everything is commercialized. Business houses have cropped up offering everything from basic essential items to fun related items. People have devised ways to have fun. All kinds of art forms and various cultural activities are mea...

08th January 2010

Why outsource work to a cartoonist India based

The liberalization of economy in India has resulted in outsourcing of various kinds of work to the country. There are many a cartoonist India based who can provide good work related to cartoon, illustration, caricature, etc. Cartooning is a great art ...

08th January 2010

Celebrity gallery for fans

Celebrities have become modern day icons. So many people look up to them for their style and glamour. Many online portals offer celebrity gallery to satisfy people's need to see image of their favorite film actors and artists. Celebrities have become ...

29th December 2009

Joke of the day for your fun

The Internet has opened a whole world of information, engagement and entertainment for people. Now besides networking with people and doing the office work you can also enjoy fun stuff like joke of the day. The advent of the Internet has brought a who...

29th December 2009

Funny videos for your amusement

Technological advancement has enabled us to come up with many ways to have fun. One of them is to shoot and enjoy funny videos. The last century was revolutionary in the technological sense. Many development work happened in the century that defined t...

29th December 2009

Women and recipes in India

Indian woman are considered conservative and homely. They are very much focused on bringing up kids besides making delicious recipes. Now they are also coming to work in offices and getting modern. In spite of all modern advancement in India, most of ...

15th December 2009

Modern lifestyle and desktop wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers are quite popular with young people. It is due to people's desire to spice up their working experience on a computer system. A desktop wallpaper is a background big image which forms the back side of the screen of a computer desktop. ...

15th December 2009

Play Flash games for fun

Humans love to play games. Flash games offered online by various websites give opportunities to game lovers to have fun without downloading anything on their system. There are many ways to have fun. Entertainment is a basic human need. People keep com...

07th December 2009

Human life and amazing facts

The human mind is always in search for novelty. As said variety is spice of life, people by nature keep looking for new things and amazing facts. Most of people in the world lead a pretty bring and normal life. They do not have many things to enjoy in ...

01st December 2009

The art of cartoon

Humor is a very important part of life. It makes our life a pleasant experience. Cartoon is an art form that relies heavily on humor to express various emotions and views. Humor is the ability to see funny or contradictory aspects of life and make peo...

01st December 2009

Why we need funny news

News is a piece of information about any current event. There are various kinds of news like current affairs news, sports news, entertainment news and funny news. Major news sources include newspapers, television, magazines, radio and the Internet. Ne...