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08th June 2011

Why Is Metal Recycling So Important?

Metals have always been important in various aspects of our daily lives. They come to us in wide variety of form and shapes, and have become necessities in some cases. Since the industrial revolution we have been consuming more and more metals, be it Iron...

07th June 2011

Recycling Rubber The Right Way

Rubber has been in use in many applications around the world since its discovery in the 1700s. Mainly consisting of two types namely natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is obtained from plants wherein synthetic rubber is obtained the same ...

07th June 2011

The Need To Recycle Steel

Made from the earths most common natural resources, steel has been used for a long time in the construction of roads, railways and buildings. It has made its way into cars, appliances and even the kitchen knife. Steel in the beginning had been produced th...

19th January 2011

Recycling Aluminum Protects Environment

Metals are 100% recyclable and they do not lose their qualities even if recycled number of times. Aluminum is one such metal which even after recycling for number of times retains its natural qualities. The new trend in the metal industry is to recover me...

13th January 2011

Lucky Group in Future Green 2010

Lucky Group is one of the most famous companies in scrap metal recycling and they are best known as the aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. It provides the best quality of services to its customers keeping in mind the safety of the environment. Lucky Gr...

13th January 2011

Scrap Recycling and Alloy Manufacturing at Lucky Group

Metal has always a growing demand in the market. It is needed for the building bridges, constructions etc. There are many metal scrap companies in Dubai but Lucky Group has been scrap metal processor since a very long time. Currently Lucky Group is engage...

30th March 2010

Ever Considered Using Brass Scrap?

Brass is not actually a metal by itself. It is an alloy of copper and zinc where copper is the base metal, alloyed with a certain percentage of zinc. Brass has become so widely popular that it has created a niche for itself and thus people think of it as ...