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04th February 2011

Comparing two each from the Lamy pen and Visconti pen ranges

If you have started researching writing instruments to purchase you will already know that there is a huge choice available for most pockets. Two strong players in the pen market in many countries are Lamy pens and Visconti pens. Here we are going to to...

31st January 2011

Just a few of the Lamy Pen range

Perhaps the time has come to get yourself a more fancy pen (other the cheap ball points that keep leaking in your jacket pocket). If so why not take some time out to check out Lamy pens. The Lamy Pen company has been producing really great looking well de...

31st January 2011

Selecting from the Lamy pens range

If you are searching for gift ideas, or perhaps looking to treat yourself to something special why not check out something from the Lamy pens collection. The great thing about Lamy pens is that you will find a gift that really fulfills your requirements. ...

15th December 2010

Researching Beauty Salons in Leamington Spa

If you live in the Warwickshire area you may be thinking about treating yourself to a little luxury pampering. Whether you are looking for a specific holistic treatment or simply to have your eye brows reshaped it is advisable to make sure you find a trus...

25th November 2010

This Christmas which Visconti pens will you give

If you are looking around for a pen to give as a gift this Christmas why not have closer look at the Visconti pen collection. Why Visconti pens? Well just casting your eye over their collection you will see why they are loved across the world by pen lover...

24th November 2010

For that extra special Christmas gift consider Conway Stewart pens

If you are looking for that extra special gift this Christmas time you may well be tearing your hair about what to buy. The shelves in most High Street shelves are groaning with the most terrible tat, so what on earth can you buy. Deep breath and relax. P...

19th November 2010

Choose a Visconti pen from the high end of the pen market

The world of luxury pens still seems to be of interest to many customers and that is why you will notice the same well known brands across the continents. One leading purveyor of luxury writing instruments is Visconti pens. The Visconti brand is automati...

19th November 2010

Remarkable Conway Stewart pens make beautiful gifts

When you are looking around for an extra special gift (for that extra special) person it is really difficult to think what to buy. On special occasions everyone wants to be able to give a gift that not only beings delight but also tells someone how much t...

18th November 2010

Which Lamy Pens may be for you

Lamy pens have been coveted writing instruments by many pen collectors around the world. But why are these pens so special? Top answer will of course be the time and effort that Lamy puts into designing beautiful functional writing instruments. Below we g...

17th November 2010

Why choose a Lamy Pen

If you are looking around for good looking pen, but really do not have a clue what to go for, why not check out Lamy Pens. Founded in the early 1950s the Lamy pen company is still going strong and has a keen following of pen lovers and collectors around t...

11th March 2010

Harnessing ground heat with Geothermal Heating systems

Beneath the surface of the earths crust lies a hidden energy source that is more than capable of providing us with heat and hot water. This energy source is known as thermal energy and can be harvested using specifically designed geothermal heating techno...