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About Me: Kenneth "Dean" Burke, MD, is the author of The Millionaire Nurse: A Proven Financial First-Aid Kit for Building Wealth and Achieving Freedom.

A Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, "Dr. Dean" has been a practicing OBGYN for 25 years. But it wasn't until the nurses in his office approached him for financial advice that his passion for sharing financial secrets with nurses was born. Soon, he was hosting weekly office meetings with his nurses. The results were transformational. The movement grew. And today, Dr. Dean's wealth-building keynote speeches are enjoyed by nursing audiences nationwide.

"I respect and admire nurses so much that I'm married to one," says Dr. Dean. "It's not fair that some of the hardest working people in healthcare--our nurses--don't enjoy the financial freedom and peace of mind that so many doctors do. That's why I wrote The Millionaire Nurse, and that's why I love sharing the secrets of financial success with nursing audiences across America."

Dr. Dean graduated Summa Cum Laude from Georgia Southwestern University and then graduated from Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia. He completed specialty training at Mercer University School of Medicine.

Today, Dr. Dean and his wife, Thea, have two children and divide their time between their homes in Georgia and Costa Rica.


25th November 2009

Home Buyer Tax Credit: Not Just for Home Buying Virgins Anymore

Want to Save Thousands on Your New Home Purchase? The First Time Home Buyers tax credit law was just recently extended through May 1, 2010. The part of the new law that has been under-reported is that the new law extends tax credit to those who are ve...