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18th February 2010

'Diet' Myths Debunked

A diet seems more like punishment than anything else, filling most of us with dread. You imagine starving yourself, feeling lethargic, constant cravings - and having no fun at all. Even though the end result of a diet should be something to look forward t...

08th January 2010

Are You Feeling the effects of Hoilday Overindulgence?

The holidays are a wonderful time, spent with family and friends, whether at home or on vacation. They are unfortunately also a time of over-eating, over-drinking and under-exercising. Family meals, alcohol and eggnog, Christmas pudding and pies and all t...

17th December 2009

What can You Do to Protect Earth's Biodiversity?

Biodiversity refers to the variety of species and habitats that interact to create our planet. Global warming, loss of habitat and of certain species are threatening our very existence. Human activity is responsible for much of the loss of biodiversit...