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16th October 2009

Green Power Solutions (part four)

Green Power Solutions Part Four: Windmill Blades - To Make or To Buy? Are you interested in building your own windmill? Or have you decided to? Hopefully you will have taken the right steps and purchased one of best guides on the subject. (Also see the...

16th October 2009

Green Power Solutions (part three)

Green Power Solutions Part Three: Using Wind Turbines to Power Your Home Using windmills can be a great way to power your home, but without a good supply of wind at the right speed, there wouldn't be much point in trying to use this method of generatin...

16th October 2009

Green Power Solutions (part two)

Green Power Solutions Part Two: DIY Solar Energy - What You Need and What You Should Know Once you've decided to do a DIY Solar Energy conversion for your home, your first question will probably be "What components do I need to complete this project?" ...