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18th May 2011

Durgapujaonline is all set for 2011 Durgpuja web coverage across the world

Well, itís the era of technology and communications, so why should Maa Durga not be a part of it. Last year, a young professional from Kolkata created a forum for the world to witness the biggest event of the Bengali Community. was lau...

01st October 2010

Durga Puja : celebration of Dilliwalein & Amchi mumbai

This festival of durga puja is celebrated on the victory of good over evil. The yearly visit of the goddess is thought to bring well-being and happiness to the people. The city of Kolkata almost never sleeps during these last five days. Irrespective of al...

01st October 2010

Celebration of durga puja other corners of West Bengal

What can I say about durga PujaÖ.it is the most ecstatic festival of Bengalees ,a worship of the divine power. This festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is the time when the whole of Bengal pulsates with the unique philharmonic of conch...

22nd September 2010

Celebration of durga puja : An era of Facebook & Twitter

The most modern civilization is the gift of the science. The benefits we receive from science are numerous. The science has made the communication easier. In bygone days. People used to convey their message through letters. Then we got used with telephone...