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23rd November 2010

Arabic Calligraphy

When anyone speaks of Arabic Calligraphy, the first thing that comes to mind is Islamic art. It is hard to believe that there are educated and well-aware people out there who would not at least know about Arabic Calligraphy. Usually, people consider Ar...

23rd November 2010

Islamic Art - Aesthetically Appealing and Inspiring

Can't find the perfect gift for the perfect occasion? Want to gift someone a gift which is unique, original and artistic yet affordable? Well look no further. Islamic Art is the solution you are looking for. Islamic Art has been in the market longer than ...

16th November 2010

Islamic Art for Sale

Looking for the perfect gift for the perfect occasion? Looking for original art work to gift to someone? Looking to ensure that your gift does not offend the receiver from the point of view of Islamic considerations where art is concerned? Well what are y...