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09th December 2009

Teaching Kids About Money and your indiviudal thinking

Elders when teaching kids about money have you considered how your private sentiments impact on your kids. In each other area of your life you've got a disposition to impact your kid with your core values and generally the same is true when it comes to c...

09th December 2009

Kids Making Money ? What is the next move?

Parents you ultimately got your kids making money and you are thinking what's the next step in the process? The general public spend their lives working for money without ever understanding how it is possible to get their money working for them. I want ...

09th December 2009

When kids make money, what task does experience play?

What part does experience play when children make money? Frequently as parents we tend to have a soft spot in our hearts for our children and we cover for plenty of mistakes they make. Is this the best technique when it comes to learning about money? I...