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06th April 2010

A Simple Guide to Collaborative Law

Collaborative law, with its emphasis on discussion and the reaching of an out of court settlement, can offer a non confrontational solution to ending a marriage. The collaborative law process can work as follows: 1. You will have a meeting with a colla...

29th March 2010

How Collaborative Law Makes Divorce Fairer

Going through a divorce is usually a stressful time, with plenty of bitterness and anger. The high emotional price is often compounded by soaring legal costs, and can seriously affect both the couple separating and their families. Furthermore, the amount ...

08th December 2009

8 Simple Tips to Control the Cost of Your Divorce

Good family law solicitors understand that not only is divorce very painful, but it can prove very expensive too. Apart from the fact that two households are more expensive to run than one, legal bills can escalate. However, if you follow these simple tip...