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19th May 2010

Dish Network on a Dime

Times are tough and money is tight. Even if you have extra money today, it's difficult to let it out of your hands not knowing what tomorrow will bring. These days, we seem to be constantly walking on eggshells with our finances. We calculate our bills...

18th May 2010

Dish Network Take back My Locals Please

ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox local networks have continually reported a consistently growing problem. Every time, I watch my local news broadcast on Dish Network I am aggravated at the reports of Accidents involving Senior Citizens. It seems as though most of ...

17th May 2010

Cowboys, Holley, Irving, and 4th and Long all seen on Dish Network

We have watched 4th and Long on Spike TV in HD with Dish networkWe have seen the intensity on the face of Michael Irving when he talked about finding Jerry ( I spent 1.15 billion dollars on the new Stadium) Jones a football player.It was clear that Michae...

14th May 2010

Satellite Tv Dish Network Customer Service vs Direct Satellite Tv Customer Service

I performed a little project today to compare Satellite TV Customer Service for Dish Network and DirecTV customer serice. I called the toll free 800 number listed on the Dish Network Webpage for existing customers. I was briefed on the Dish Network TV Of...

14th May 2010

Dish TV Dish Network DVR

I would like to tell you how the Dish TV Viewing and home entertainment has changed since I had a Dish Network DVR installed. Never miss your favorite shows...Like many others you may work a 9-5 job. Arrive home, depending on errands, between 6 a...

14th May 2010

Not Lost Forever on Dish Network

Tonight ABC hit show 20/20 will tell the story of Carmina Salcido and her horrific childhood. Carmina was three years old when her life changed forever, her father Ramon Salcido a vineyard worker who often came home drunk and would take out his frustrati...

13th May 2010

Dish Network climbing its way to Number One

This year, Satellite TV, which recently celebrated their 15 year anniversary, passed 18 million pay-TV subscribers. Comcast remains the nation's No. 1 pay-TV company with 24.1 million subscribers, but Satellite TV is narrowing the gap quickly. Satellit...

12th May 2010

Dish Network in Philadelphia

Philadelphians are proud and strong-minded Americans, who just happen to be some of the most loyal and passionate sports fans in the country. The City of Brotherly Love is host to some of the toughest pro sports teams in the nation. The Phillies, Eagles, ...

10th May 2010

More Original Programming from DIRECTV

Joan Lunden will salute caring Satellite TV subscribers on "Hometown Heroes," a new series created by the satellite television provider. "Hometown Heroes" will premiere April 6 on Satellite TV's original programming channel, called The 101. Each episode o...

10th May 2010

DIRECTV vs Dish Network why DIRECTV is feeling the heat

DIRECTV is going under fire for the terms of their early cancellation fees. If you are a Dish Network customer, consider yourself lucky that you are not in the same boat as some DIRECTV consumers.The satellite TV provider requires that consumers sign a tw...

05th May 2010

War Stories Truth is more exciting than Fiction

War movies are the ultimate in action cinema. Like most males everywhere, I like them … make that, love them. There isn't a war movie I haven't seen … dating way, way back to "All Quiet on the Western Front," one of the earliest "talking" movies. W...

05th May 2010

Premium Movie Channels How many are enough

I'll start out by admitting that, when it comes to TV home entertainment packages from my programming provider, I don't know how to say "Stop." The Basic Package is still not good enough for me. Simple upgrade … more channels - still doesn't satisfy me....

05th May 2010

Encore DIRECTV Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman will be on Encore West on Dish Satellite TV. You may have already seen this movie as it was released back in 1992. This movie is a classic which makes you want to watch it over and over again anyway! Al Pacino delivers one of his best act...

05th May 2010

Why I love to change my Hairstyle directv

I love changing my hairstyle. It is one of the things I can change and it makes me feel damn good to do so. Some women find a style and they are satisfied with and they stick with it. Not me!! I like to keep life interesting. One of the ways I do this is ...

04th May 2010

DIRECT TV Premiere Big Brother on CBS

Now that Ronnie the Rat has been exterminated, the drama has been kept to a dull roar. Russell spent some time trying to mend some fences (read: kissing Chima's butt) as he apologized for his blow-up earlier last week. He told her that people make mistake...