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About Me: Geano Su has been in the wholesale business since 2001. She became one of the largestwholesale beauty importers in China.


23rd September 2009

Marble Products - Spreading Beauty in Every Forms

The function of marble, granite and other organic stones very popular in ramping up construction. Antecedently, we have witnessed extensive use of marble and organic stone in the royal castles and religious constructions. Later even the common people sta...

23rd September 2009

Organic Beauty Products Bring Health and Beauty Both Inside and Out

We have an abundance of aesthetics and health maintenance wares to choose from these days, offered from every last corner of the world-wide and all claim to offer the foremost and best has to provide. So, as you do not acknowledge how you make the right d...

23rd September 2009

Finding the Best Beauty Products For You

There is something to state about the beauty industry. For as long as time has existed, has constantly been a style for masses, especially women, to use beauty products in order to determine theirselves and feel gorgeous about their appearance. Many times...

23rd September 2009

A Guide to Buying Beauty Equipment

Purchasing wholesale beauty beauty tools and kits is the best direction to go when opening a beauty salon. Tools wholesalers propose aesthetics makes umpteen dissimilar patterns, trends and brands of beauty tools and kits stunner salon. This permits end u...

23rd September 2009

Get the Best Tips to Start Your Own Home Business

The concept of snail post sending has made it possible for everybody with internet access to buy a product from anyplace in the world-wide at any time, rendered that the individual possesses enough credit to purchase the preferred merchandise. In addition...

23rd September 2009

Avoiding Perils in Wholesale Beauty Suppliers

Are you believing about getting your business connected online resources? Are you passionate around stunner and what can make individuals look their best? Can you make a surviving with make-up? Are you forthcoming to initiate your patronage with a reliabl...

23rd September 2009

Wholesale Health and Beauty Products

Health and aesthetics product is some identical broad category because much more and more people are getting wellness and beauty conscious. For most end users, the two are nearly interchangeable and have been a premier necessity of life. World is the geez...

23rd September 2009

Supplies From SaleHoo Dropshipping and Wholesale Suppliers

Anyone who can access the internet now purchase anything at any time from any point in the world-wide. Purchases are often prepaid with credit card or with some transaction or networks of channels that demands you to beat out solid earned funds. Event...

23rd September 2009

Wholesale Beauty Products

Revending wholesale beauty wares is very lucrative business. Everybody would look at his best and will spend money to do it. For beauty resell products you would first have to determine your niche and next get a prestigious wholesale beauty seller. Since ...

23rd September 2009

How to Find the Perfect Beauty Supply Wholesale Distributors

Looking delicate every day is somewhat that everybody or person yearns for. This is due to getting to a beauty goods supply and retailing business sector and finding a certain goods supply wholesale beauty distributors Aesthetics is a business that is win...

22nd September 2009

Take Your Designer Wholesale Tote bags

Each individual takes a bag, and there are all varieties of purses available: they are cheap, they are costly, enlarged, smaller, new and orthodox. Everyone wants a handbag to contain all important belongings. But women have a occupied lifestyle course to...

21st September 2009

Got My First Designer Tote Bag

As a woman, I acknowledge how handbags are useful for me. I love suitcases and I love shopping. My minute adventures are believed legitimate if I find out a essential article of style, is the complete complete that belt or attire tickers suede or divine. ...