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29th June 2010

Ray Ban Eyeglasses - Hottest Fashions for Men and Women

Many people are of the notion that eyeglasses make them look boring, studious, dull etc. But if you are sporting a pair of Ray Ban eyeglasses these adjectives would transform into stylish, graceful, interesting and fashionable. Since people have become ex...

30th April 2010

Burberry eyeglasses- Get high on style!

If you wish to be a head-turner, style icon with oomph factor you got to have a pair of Burberry eyeglasses. They can transform your jaded looks into a glamorous one. Burberry was found in Basingstoke, Hampshire way back in 1856 by a former draper'...

23rd April 2010

Oakley Sunglasses: Blending Fashion with Function

What is it that makes you stop every time you spot Oakley sunglasses? No it's not just the fashionable look but the functionality and technical precision of the designer eyewear that makes it so coveted. Sunglasses other than being a fashion accessory...

19th March 2010

Sports sunglasses – The best brands in business

Sports require not only a lot of physical and mental strength but also good eyesight and clear vision. For this reason a new category was created in the range of sunglasses - Sports sunglasses. Many brands understood that a unique line of sunglasses desig...

18th February 2010

Style And Protection With Designer Sunglasses

There is no denying the fact that today each and every person on this planet wants to feel special. Be it a celebrity or a common man, everyone loves to get noticed and appreciated. Apparels always come on top for people when it comes to show-off. But it ...

11th February 2010

3 Best Tips For Designer Sunglasses Care

Designer sunglasses are not exactly the cheapest of things in the world. Their expensive designs, sophisticated looks and high quality make them comparable to a luxury accessory. Extreme caution and care is required if you want to maintain the brand new l...

08th February 2010

Designer Sunglasses- A Must Buy for Fashionistas

In this rapidly changing world of fashion, almost everything that can be categorized as a wearable passes through a tight scrutiny of fashionistas who guide the entire global fashion scenario. Of course, this also includes your latest purchase- expensive ...