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07th December 2009

Read the ingredients carefully to great hair

It is very important to read the ingredients of your shampoo, even more than the packaging or checking who the model is on the poster. You need to find out 1) Whether your shampoo is safe from harmful chemicals and 2) whether it contains the right formula...

26th November 2009

Hair Potion to style your hair quick & easy

Losing hair too frequently nowadays? Some people attribute this hair fall to the pollution and the heat while others say their hair oil is not effective and is attracting dust. Hair potion is not a shampoo. Just like hair oil is applied before shampooing,...

16th November 2009

Hair conditioning for a great hair day

Think you are having a bad hair day? Maybe it's not a new hair style, maybe all your hair needs is some of its lost moisture. Hair conditioning helps moisturize your hair and make it shiny and hydrated. Regular shampooing can cause dryness and aggravate d...

16th October 2009

Simple Hair Care Tips

When you've got a job, a home and a hundred other things to manage, taking care of something as simple as your hair can also get really tiring. You don't have time to oil your hair, you violently brush through it in the mornings and on weekends, if you're...

02nd October 2009

Hair Care in the summer and monsoons

Every summer, your hair will grow limp. Most probably, it'll become ultra-frizzy or the colors in your hair will start to turn brassy. Don't worry; you're facing the same problems that most people encounter during summer. Thankfully, there are a number of...

02nd October 2009

Natural hair growth - A right approach

Natural hair growth is a right approach for quick hair growth and everybody should consider. I have approached for natural hair growth after spending lot of money on hair care products and treatments. Natural remedies for hairs have always been an easi...