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23rd April 2010

What to Know about Healthy Dessert Recipes

by Christine Szalay-Kudra Maybe the idea of dessert is something you prefer not to dwell on, since it makes you think of all kinds of sweet, creamy, gooey goodies, which are banned from your diet because you want to lose weight. Perhaps you feel that i...

20th April 2010

What to Know about Making Dulce de Leche

by Christine Szalay-Kudra You can easily make dulce de leche in your own kitchen. Known as "candied milk" in Spanish, dulce de leche is created by slowly cooking sweetened milk until it is caramelized. This dish is used as both a sauce and a candy. ...

07th April 2010

What to Know about Regional Mexican Cuisine

by Christine Szalay-Kudra There is more to Mexican cuisine than what you can experience in a restaurant. Each area of Mexico has its own unique flavors and specialties for you to enjoy. Mexico is divided into three major regions... the North, the Centr...