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11th September 2009

A Brief History of Cheating in Video Games

Since the dawn of video games, cheats have existed in one form or another. Most of the first cheat codes were put in games for testing purposes. Cheats were introduced to help lower the time it would take for play tester to test the game. An example of an...

11th September 2009

Cheating in Online Multiplayer Games

With the huge popularity of online multiplayer gaming these days, cheats have also been developed for use in such games. Developer will often attempt to prevent the possibility of cheating in multiplayer games to aid in fairness, unlike single player game...

11th September 2009

Final Fantasy VIII – Game Secrets

Final Fantasy VIII was released for the Sony Playstation and became insanely popular within days. Containing over one hour of CG animation, Final Fantasy VIII is a dynamic role playing game spanning over four Playstation game discs. The game contains a gr...

11th September 2009

What are Cheat Codes and Easter Eggs

When it comes to modern day video gaming, the sky is the limit. Over the years video games have evolved from basic two dimensional actions like that seen in classics like Pong to full three dimensional worlds that are fully explore able by the player. Wit...