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08th September 2009

Encouraging Green Investments

Our planet is our home, practicing an eco-friendly life style and promoting green business is the only way to build a greener environment. Shifting our focus towards eco-friendly living and protecting our environment is a positive step towards sustainabil...

19th August 2009

Recycling – Healthy habit

We know that our earth's environment needs immediate attention, but only few are taking steps to save our planet. Our clean, colorful and bright cities also have ugly landfills and dump yards polluting our environment and living. Research shows that about...

12th August 2009

Global Warming - Myths and Reality

Failing monsoons, drastic change in climatic condition, acid rains, rapid melting of polar ice burgs, increase in sea level and frequent droughts are some grave consequences, which we are facing today, due to global warming. The sad part of this story is ...

29th July 2009

Are we eco friendly?

Our planet is gifted with lush greens, pristine rainforests, magnificent mountains, natural drinking water, cool breeze and great rivers, but due to modern living and vigorous industrial activity, our beautiful earth lost all of her greenness. We are now,...