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11th January 2011

How To Write a Good Business Message

Most places of work require us to send messages to our co-workers and bosses. While writing to your co-workers may be a little more relaxed then writing to your boss, there still should be a common theme in your business message. That theme should be prof...

11th August 2009

Anime - Animation For Everyone

By Kari in Family
Anime is animation originating from Japan. It has a huge following and not surprisingly considering it seems so real yet unique when you're watching it. There's every style imaginable available to watch right from comedy to more adult versions. It's used ...

31st July 2009

Santa Wrote Me A Letter!

By Kari in Family
I remember when I found out Santa wasn't as real as I thought. I had woken up; thrilled that Santa had come, and ran into my living room which looked out into the backyard. Outside I could see that Santa had been walking around in my backyard and upon fur...