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23rd May 2010

Tickling Our Senses: HTC Desire Mobile Phone

The desire for a more advanced gizmo with a streamlined style and Grade-A functionality is emerging in the mobile consumer market therefore, HTC, gives in to the burning want of these enthusiasts with the hottest addition to the android family, the HTC De...

04th January 2010

The Orange Rome: A Mobile Phone Beauty

The idea of integrating music, cameras and mobile phones has become popular in the mobile marketplace and industry thus it has become inevitable for mobile phone producers to develop devices that best match the demands and tastes of consumers. This time O...

04th January 2010

The Best Music Phone Out There

Touchscreen, a feature that has ultimately become a deciding element when purchasing a mobile device. Ever since the outgrowth of the big screens and astounding mobile responsiveness, everybody went gaga over the convenience of the touchscreen. And so the...

29th December 2009

Blackberry Bold 9700: Transcending the Boundaries of Technology

Blackberry has been renowned to produce mobile phones specifically aimed to a more business oriented consumer in the marketplace. Such pursuance of legendary mobile modernness has ultimately persuaded the mobile phone manufacturer to improve the quality o...

29th December 2009

The Device of the Future In Today's World

To cater to the demands of the fussy mobile user, HTC has unveiled another Hero in our midst. The HTC HERO mobile phone lets you observe unpredicted possibilities with its fantastic design and functionality. Lets both search why this smartphone is known a...

18th November 2009

LG's Best Mobile Phone for the Chocolate Lovers in All of Us

Succumb to your instinctive compulsion and luxuriate in the luxuriance of the new LG BL40 Chocolate. The groundbreaker among the unique phones out in the market to provide a widescreen video display. The phone's superb tall design with a unscratchable dis...

13th November 2009

The Exquisiteness of the Vodafone VF533 Lady

What is the essence of being a woman? This was the big winning query Sushmita Sen had during the 1994 Ms. Universe Pageant in which she won the title, and also an issue which most of me and my mate's arguments roots from. I do not want to discuss religio...

15th October 2009

Sony Ericsson: Leading the Way with the W205 Walkman Phone

The Sony Ericsson W205 comes in as the introductory level Walkman phone. Searching for a portable MP3 player and a wonderful mobile phone in one? Take notice of the W205 mobile from Sony Ericsson, it will be worth your while. Read more if you desire to kn...

22nd September 2009

HTC Tattoo: Taking the Next Step with Android Technology

The HTC Tattoo is HTC's up-to-date Android handset, designed to bring the Android platform to a greater market with a lower cost device than old HTC Android mobile phones. The HTC Tattoo is almost the same as the HTC Touch 3G only that it runs on the A...

17th September 2009

Introducing the Nokia 1661: A Superb Budget Phone

The Nokia 1661 is said to be a very easy to manage mobile phone and is very practical for users and we finally had the chance to make our first impressions about the phone. A mobile phone that has been created to rival the mobile phone market, it is known...

27th August 2009

The Quality That Actually Count When Selecting the Right Phone

People believe that cellular phones more than merely a usual communication gadget: They allow you to send electronic mail, harmonize with the scheduler and contacts on your Computer, call up a number using the sound of our voice, read up-to-date news on t...

11th August 2009

The Technologies of Today Will be Present On the Widgets of The Future

The mobile telephone have been our stable buddy in our everyday lives. Different citizens coming from all walks of life apply the use of a cellular phone to converse with their cherished ones, contemporaries or their acquaintances. At the moment, majority...