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16th September 2009

Men's Hair Removal

Are you one of the many men who suffers from excess body hair? For males with a lot of hair, there is no body part safe from excess hair growth. Often it becomes embarrassing and simple activites like going to the gym, swimming and sunbathing become a pai...

16th September 2009

Easy Hair Removal

If you are one of the many people who suffer from excessive hair in embarrassing places, there are methods which can be used to remove this hair. There are a number of easy hair removal techniques available, leaving your body smooth and hair free. Many...

27th July 2009

Facts of the Israel-Palestine War You May Not Have Known

Since Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories, they have implemented an apartheid and racist system of administration of the territories, violating countless international laws and UN resolutions.After the tragedy of the Holocaust, Jewish peopl...