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08th December 2009

Vacations and Teeth Whitening

Through the grind of life and the pressures of family, there is not much better than flying or driving off into the sunset for that next vacation. We as fallible individuals who succumb to stress and sometimes poor diets, tend to gravitate to the no...

24th November 2009

Teeth Whitening and Weddings

Take heed in how huge events in life are affected by their overall appearance and can be considered failure or successes as a result. In other words, if the people putting on; or ones that are directly in the function such as a wedding are not looki...

24th November 2009

The Future of Tooth Bleaching

Just a short fifteen years ago, tooth bleaching was basically a fledgling notion of large companies to market in-store to you the consumer. Now, this industry has evolved into a massive vanity based market that nearly every consumer is dipping their...