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17th November 2010

Easy Ways for Hair Care

Hairs are one of the greatest assets in our life. Unless, they are properly taken care of, they can become dry, brittle, damaged and shineless. So make sure you take appropriate step for hair care. Explore this article below that guides you about various ...

18th October 2010

Natural Remedies for Dry, Oily and Normal Hair

Hair forms an important part of our body. Hair tends to be barometer of our health since they are made of up keratin, a type of protein. There are three types of hair- dry hair, oily hair and normal hair. Explore the article that guides you on herbal hair...

16th July 2009

Some Simple Home Remedies That Can Help You Treat Acne

Most of the acne home treatments deal with reducing the oil production, preventing blockage of pores and fighting against the bacterial infection. There are lots of home remedies that work well for treating acne. Adopting these natural home remedies is al...