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13th August 2010

Are you ready for Cataclysm?

The Cataclysm expansion will bring a whole lot of changes to World of Warcraft - changes that will affect your characters and the world of Azeroth as we know it. With that in mind, many WoW players are doing things to ensure that their toons are ready to ...

13th August 2010

Profession Planning

There are eleven different primary professions for you to choose from, each with their own way of earning WoW Gold. Since you're only limited to having 2 professions per character at a time, this means you have to make decisions and carefully plan your pr...

13th August 2010

Interdependence in LotRO: Professions and Vocations

Being an MMORPG, you'd think that Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) would have the typical crafting system found in most other MMORPGs: Choose which Profession you'd like to focus on, toss some LotRO gold to an NPC to teach you that Profession, work on inc...

13th August 2010

Is Star Trek Online Everything It Could Have Been?

To say that Trekkies have been waiting for a really, really good "triple A" game based on the Star Trek license for a long time would be an understatement. In recent times the games that have come closest to really taking advantage of the source matter we...