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Beauty Cosmedics is a company dedicated to providing individuals with the best natural mineral makeup products through unique formulations using the highest quality ingredients and the latest advances in technology. Beauty Cosmedics is a staff favorite because of the natural, radiant look combined with healing, restorative and protective properties. Our staffers felt Beauty Cosmedics was a perfect compliment to their active lifestyles!


12th October 2009

Natural Lip Balm

Much lip service has been given to greener lifestyles, but what about greener service for your lips? Considering that even the most conscientious amongst us will end up licking our lips a few times a day, doesn't it make sense to be as proactive about wh...

09th July 2009

Natural Mineral Makeup

While natural mineral makeup may be a relative neophyte in the centuries-old cosmetics industry, it is has certainly taken the market by storm. Natural mineral makeup continues to enjoy an explosive presence in the market because it offers an alternative...

09th July 2009

Chemical Free Sunscreen

Considering the skin is our largest organ, it is critical to protect it from the harmful effects of UV rays year-round. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays results in damage to the skin's underlying elastin and collagen fibers leading to sagging, fine lines and...