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29th March 2010

Movie Review: The Godfather - Arguably The Best Movie Ever Made

There is nothing like a movie that is layered so deep and tells so many stories, and that is filled with so much fantastic acting, that you can see it again and again, and never grow tired of it. "The Godfather," based on the best selling novel by Mario P...

29th March 2010

Movie Review: Mad Max - Way Ahead Of Its Time

With the every increasing need in today's world for green energy and environmentally friendly sources of power, a world without oil is becoming more and more of a real possibility. But what happens if it doesn't quite work out? What if we never relieve ou...

29th March 2010

Movie Review: Bad Ronald - Absolute Madness

If you love a good creepy movie that has a shocking ending, then "Bad Ronald" is a great find. Way ahead of its time, this breathtaking movie of modern horror will leave you squirming every time you are alone in your own home. Based on a great idea, this ...

29th March 2010

Movie Review: Doomsday

If you love futuristic disaster movies that quickly morph into Lord of Rings style horseback chases, only to morph back into modern day car chase scenes, then "Doomsday," directed by Neil Marshal is the flick for you. This movie starts out of the gate wit...

26th March 2010

Movie Review: Godzilla - 1998

One great movie genre that has seemingly been around since the beginning of movies is the monster disaster movie. This involves a giant monster who would wreak havoc on a poor city. One of the most famous monsters of all time, is of course, Godzilla. Ther...

26th March 2010

Movie Review: The Usual Suspects - A Shocking Tale Of Adventure

If you love a good crime drama, that combines mystery, suspense, and thrilling guesswork right up to the very end, then look no further than the usual suspects. This masterpiece, starring Kevin Spacey, is the gold standard when it comes to criminal myster...

25th March 2010

Movie Review: Fight Club: Powerful Action Movie With An Alarming Social Message

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that entertains, shocks, and makes the viewer question his own perception of reality. "Fight Club," starring Ed Norton and Brad Pitt, is such a movie. Keeping you at the edge of your seat right up to the shocking...

24th March 2010

Sherlock Holmes: Must See Entertainment

The most recent rendition of Sherlock Holmes has hit theaters recently, and has received stunning reviews. If you like any sort of crime mystery, action movie, edge of you seat suspense, then you simply cannot miss this powerful version of Sherlock Holmes...

22nd February 2010

Movie Review: The Fourth Kind - You'll Never Sleep Soundly Again

If horror movies are your thing, and you love to be scared out of your wits, then you will absolutely love "The Fourth Kind." This psychological thriller will keep you up for nights, jumping at every little sound you hear. Spoilers ahead, so read at your ...

18th February 2010

Magic Tricks Revealed: The Mind Reading Card Trick

Here's a quick and simple magic trick that never fails to impress almost any crowd. All you need is a deck of cards and a table. And the best part is, you don't even have to touch the deck to do this trick. Here's how it looks to your audience. You tur...