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17th December 2009

Saving Energy During Winter

The winter season may bring about increased use of energy to heat up your home. This would mean an increased heating bill to pay for the next several months. But there are other ways in which you may be able to save up on heating expenses without having t...

23rd November 2009

Fiber Facts

Dietary fiber is known to be good for you. Too bad that there are quite a lot of things that you might not know about it. Here are some of the facts about fiber that you should really know about. Not all dietary fiber is the same. Most people thin...

03rd September 2009

Using The Pistachio Principle To Lose Weight

The Pistachio Principle is a unique way and approach to try and lose weight. This concept was brought about when Dr. James Painter, PhD, RD of the Eastern Illinois University conducted experiments and made observations on people eating pistachios. The Pis...

28th August 2009

Ways Of Saving On Calories

Effective dieting is mainly about saving on the calories that you consume everyday. Following a diet can help. But for those who may not be able to follow certain diets for long periods of time, certain diet tweaks can help them save up on their calorie i...

21st August 2009

Healthy And Filling Breakfast Choices

In order to stay energized throughout the day, experts suggest eating a hearty breakfast daily. The first meal of the day is usually the most important. But many people seem to neglect it or eat unhealthy choices while on the go. Some may even choose to e...

17th August 2009

Dairy Milk Alternatives

Dairy milk is an important food source for many people. It provides a lot of nutrients that the body needs in order to stay healthy. But there are also some people who might not be able to enjoy the benefits of dairy milk and all the other dairy products ...

15th August 2009

Green Cement Absorbing Carbon Dioxide In The Works

It seems that "Going Green" still manages to catch the attention of investors. A company in the UK that is developing a "green" cement has managed to raise around a million pounds (around US$1.7 million) to develop a special kind of cement that can actual...

17th July 2009

Mobile Social Network

A mobile social network would seem to be the next big thing to come around when it comes to the online world. These are social networks that begin to develop by making themselves available through mobile phones. And with more and more people getting mobil...