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03rd December 2009

Presentation Of Iron Chef America

Iron Chef America is a series which has been adapted from a Japanese cooking show called ‘Iron Chef'. The original Japanese version of this series was premiered in October 10, 1993. This was a Fuji TV production in Japan. The Japanese version of this s...

27th November 2009

The Modern Brushless DC Fans are more Energy Efficient and Reliable

The help of the DC fans are taken to minimize overheating. But it has been seen that they are prone to mechanical problems, increased energy consumption and high output of noise. Generally controlling the speed of the fan will ensure efficiency and few pr...

27th November 2009

Everything You Should Know About Electric Cooling Fans of Motor Vehicles

An electric cooling fan of a motor vehicle is made up of (1) the fan motor and (2) the circuit. The circuit consists of the fan switch and the relay. The function of the switch is to send power to the relay and to sense the internal temperature of the eng...

27th November 2009

The Functions of the Cooling Fan

A cooling fan is a mechanical device powered by electricity and used to produce an air flow for cooling the heat. A fan has blades that revolve for producing air currents. The function of the fan is to produce air flows with high volume and low pressure. ...

23rd October 2009

AC Fans of all kinds

Other than DC fans and Muffin fans, there are a third variety of fans that are available in the market- AC fans. AC fans are a great value buy as these come at a nominal price, are highly efficient and consume very little power. What's more, modern day AC...

23rd October 2009

Choose your new Cooling Fans

With the advancement in technology, modern computers do a wide array of tasks simultaneously. But for these multi tasking "Modern Machines" to function efficiently, it is essential to keep their temperature under check. Most of the computers these days co...

23rd October 2009

High efficiency DC Fans manufactured by YSTechUSA

Broadly speaking, thee are three types of fans available in the market for your electronic equipments and automobiles- AC fans, Muffin Fans and DC fans. If you ask me which among these three is the best, I would not bat an eyelid and say DC fans. Though m...

23rd October 2009

your electric cooling fan is not functioning properly ?

Is your car AC not functioning properly? If your answer is yes, there is a high probability that your electric cooling fan is not functioning properly. Most of the times, we tend to ignore the overheating of the car, thinking the air conditioning is at fa...