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04th March 2011

Lose Forehead Lines Naturally Without Losing Your Head

If you are looking for a natural and pain free way to get rid of forehead lines then please keep reading. Forehead lines are just like any other wrinkle on the skin. One well-known solution is the painful and expensive Botox Injections. You can also go in...

04th March 2011

What Can I Do With These Lines On My Forehead?

If you are like me, you have started noticing new facial features as you get older. The latest for me are these lines on my forehead. I do not like them at all. The grey hair I can deal with, but I have always had younger looking skin and finding lines on...

04th March 2011

Avoid Panty Lines And Lines On The Forehead

If you are like me, then you are more worried about lines on the forehead than I am about panty lines. Panty lines really seem to bother some people. As I guy I do not really understand the issue. I read that a good way to minimize panty lines under dress...