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10th May 2010

Learn Digital Photography - Choosing the Right Camera

As you browse websites about digital cameras you will see recommendations and reasons why you should buy a particular camera. It's confusing and can be very discouraging. Why? Because, this is a new hobby and by the fact that it is new, you really don't k...

06th May 2010

Learn Digital Photography - Top Ten Composition Tips

Photography is all about composition. If you can't compose an image you can't take photos. That's the bottom line. This is where your photography journey starts as a beginner. Learning to place the elements in the photo is natural for some but for the res...

06th May 2010

Learn Digital Photography - 3 Keys to Better Photos

All of us want to take better photographs. We like them to be admired, framed and displayed on websites. How do you take better images without taking expensive photography courses? It's very simple if you put into practise some very easy steps. I'll show ...

06th May 2010

Learn Digital Photography - Increase Your Creativity in 5 Simple Steps

I don't think that there is one avid photographer who doesn't want to be a more creative photographer and improve their images. Most of the great magazine and book photos don't impress us because of their image quality or the expensive equipment used to t...

04th May 2010

Learn Digital Photography - Practise makes Perfect in 3 Simple Steps

It never ceases to amaze me how amateur photographers think that they can shoot the perfect image when they only take photos now and again. Even amateur sportsmen and woman spend considerable amounts of time practising their discipline. So, why not photog...

29th April 2010

Learn Digital Photography - Find Fresh Angles to Shoot From in 5 Easy Steps

All of us want to shoot photos that are different and exciting that others haven't thought of before. Now that's a tall order. Or is it? Most people shoot from traditional angles and never give a thought to experimenting with new and more exciting viewpoi...

29th April 2010

Learn Digital Photography – 5 Steps to Get You Started with Your New Camera

So you've just opened the box of your shiny new digital camera, put the batteries in and inserted the memory card. What's next? Don't let the excitement get to you and start pressing all the wrong buttons and forcing anything. What you have done is actual...

29th April 2010

Learn Digital Photography - Top Ten Tips for Fantastic Photos

The title of this article may sound simplistic and that if you put these few tips into practise you'll be taking fantastic photos in no time. In a sense this is true. But, the factor of time and the diligence you put into it is what will determine the suc...

29th April 2010

Learn Digital Photography – The Megapixel Megamyth Explained in 4 Steps

Most of us have mobile phones these days with a camera feature. And, most of us don't know how to use them to take the best possible photos despite their limitations. People either take lots of really bad photos that are often blurry and the subjects indi...

29th April 2010

Learn Digital Photography - 5 Pro Tips for Photographing Children

So what do the pro photographers have that everyone else doesn't? Better equipment? Yes. Better training? Yes. More creativity? Maybe. Combine these elements and you'll have fantastic photos? Yes, true as well. But how do they do it and do I need all of t...

28th April 2010

Learn Digital Photography – 6 Questions to Ask Before Taking a Digital Photo

When you pick up your digital camera to take a shot, do you think before you press the shutter button? Or, do you just fire away hoping that a little fairy insides your camera will magically transform it into something beautiful? Sounds ridiculous doesn'...

28th April 2010

Learn Digital Photography - Learn to Compose Great Photos in 5 Easy Steps

You probably have heard that composition is what makes great photos. And, if you learn how to compose then you will produce fantastic shots. Knowing where to place your subject and the various elements in a photo is what makes a great image. But applying ...

18th July 2009

Learn Digital Photography - Is Digital Photography Dead?

Yes, digital photography is dead in the water IF ‘photography' is taken out of digital photography. As Kodak's brownie box camera and their Instamatic brought photography to the masses in the 20th century, so the digital camera has done the same in the ...

16th July 2009

Can You Make Cash from your Camera?

Can You Make Cash from your Camera? It concerns me as a photographer when I see the numerous articles and ebooks about making cash from your camera. 8 Easy steps or 10 ways to turn those snapshots into cash. And, "Hi shutterbug here's a foolproof way t...

16th July 2009

Learn Digital Photography - The Subject is Key to Your Photography

So why is this such an important element of an image? Hello! It is the reason you are taking the shot. Often amateur photographers want to get as much of a scene in the photo as possible. They want to remember everything at once despite the fact that the ...