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12th September 2009

Pop a Zit

To pop or not to pop that is the question. The answer depending on what results you hope for really is no. If you risk popping a zit you also risk spreading the infection and bacteria under the skin thus causing more of what you already have in severe abu...

12th September 2009

Home Acne Cure

The home acne cure is hard work and requires many hours of commitment with no slack in your program. Their will only be yourself to get this done and no one else to rely on or to have to deal with what will happen if you don't. In a worse case scenario th...

12th September 2009

How To Get Rid of Whiteheads

Their is no quick and easy to get rid of any acne. First you must be educated on what causes the acne and only then can you plot an effective course in the war on acne. This being said the cause can be anything from genetics, to environment up to and incl...

28th June 2009

Diet and Acne, Are They Related?

For some of us we have always been wondering, does our acne have anything to do with our diet? The answer is not always as clear as we like but for the most part yes it is. While keeping your hands clean and away from affected areas and maintaining a...

16th June 2009

Cystic Acne Cure, Tips

This is a more serious form of acne vulgaris. Papules form the most memorable reddish bump without pain. The papule should not be confused with an acne cyst which are much larger usually 6 or more milli-meters across. Those who suffer with an acne cyst...