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01st October 2009

10 Best Tips for Selecting a Leaf Blower

There are a lot of different things that are involved in the purchasing of a leaf blower. A lot of these are just about personal choice and preference. But, you need to atempt to match the tool to the things that you want to do and the quantity of work th...

25th September 2009

The PB 460LN Echo Backpack Blower Does Good

Echo has put a lot of hard work into designing and producing a series of less noisier gas blowers. I was impressed with the noise levels made by the 260 models using a 25.4 cc power plant. However, I am stunned that they have been able to do it also with ...

22nd September 2009

Take a Look at the BR380 Stihl Backpack Blower

This is a really powerful tool. It has the same engine as the 420 model, which is a capacious 56.5 cc engine. It gives out more than three and half horsepower and this is put to good use in creating a blower air velocity of 181 miles per hour with a volum...

22nd September 2009

The Merry Mac Walk Behind Leaf Blower will Blow you Away

Walk behind leaf blowers are for people who have big plots of land that they need to blow. They are especially good for people who live in wooded areas where leaves and other debris keep building up. blowing leaves in these circumstances can become a bit ...

21st September 2009

Why I Would Buy the Echo PB251 Blower

Producers of leaf blowers have had to think carefully about the new laws relating to noise and air pollution released from gas driven power tools. Out of all of these implements the gas blower has had the worst record in creating great levels of noise pol...

17th September 2009

Explaining how Leaf Blower Ratings work for Back Pack leaf Blowers

Leaf blower ratings can aid you choose a backpack leaf blower that will provide for your needs. There are technical ratings concerning the physics of how these Leaf blower ratings can help you choose a backpack leaf blower that will provide for your needs...