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23rd September 2009

Raw Food - Why Not Processed Food?

By JonJG in Diet
Have you ever seen a picture of your blood plasma after you've eaten a meal from McDonald's or Burger King? It's not a pretty picture. It looks thick and cloudy. Fast foods are loaded with fat and sodium. They use white bread and rolls, which means they'v...

31st July 2009

Reasons Why You Need to Choose a Fruitarian Diet

By JonJG in Diet
You've probably been hearing a lot about the value of a raw foods diet. A raw food diet consists primarily of uncooked, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seaweed, nuts and juices. It's a vegetarian diet, but one that rejects any animal products. It...

27th July 2009

The Benefits of Being a "Juicearian"

By JonJG in Diet
Many people have heard of juice fasts as a means of detoxifying the body. Followers of a raw foods diet also include juices as part of their nutrition. Nearly anything can be juiced - fruits and vegetables, primarily. It's a form of concentrated nutrition...

17th July 2009

Why They Called It Organic Food

By JonJG in Diet
Perhaps you have been hearing about raw food diet plan or organic food diet plan. Food that is grown or raised without chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers is called "organic." We've become so used to getting by with foods that have been grown with...

16th July 2009

What Can Organic Products and Raw Foods Do To You

By JonJG in Diet
Fortunately for those of us newly interested in eating organic and raw foods, there are lots of products out there. Natural and organic foods used to be found only in natural food stores, and those could be few and far between. While not as ubiquitous as ...

15th July 2009

Should You Drink Less Water When in a Raw Food Diet?

By JonJG in Diet
When you start eating more raw foods, you may find you're not as thirsty or don't need as much water or other beverages as you normally do. There are several reasons for this. First of all, raw foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables have a higher volume...

12th June 2009

An Enema Will Keep The System Clean, Fresh and Detoxified

By JonJG in Diet
When an enema is given, there are specific purposes for it. They are a form of colon cleansing, so other than warming and cleansing the colon through a series of enemas, the system needs to be alkalized, any foreign protein is removed from the colon, and...