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26th May 2011

Environment PR initiatives help shaping the future of the natural world

It is an incredibly sad fact that as many human beings prosper and live life to the fullest, their extravagant lifestyles and wanton disregard for the planet has put the natural world at risk. The environment is in seriously bad shape, and the human race ...

30th March 2011

Going Green with Environmental Public Relations

Going green started out as trend and has transitioned to a movement. For environmental public relations, this means that every effort is being watched. Most consumers accept going green efforts to be honest, but that does not mean they are not aware of th...

23rd March 2011

Law Firm Use PR to Establish Trust

To me, law firm PR seems like one of the most challenging and interesting specialties one can pursue in the field of public relations. For example, an in-house consultant may be responsible for communicating the details of sensitive legal matters to the p...