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10th May 2011

What is surgery and different types of surgeries?

Surgery can be defined as the special branch of medicine that treats disease and disorders by cutting or changing the body part with a procedure. Surgery is mainly performed by a surgeon with training in operative procedure. There are different surgical s...

25th June 2010

A time to wish all your friends and loved ones a Happy New Year

New Year raise hopes to endeavour on new beginnings and new resolution to be follow all over the year. New Year is also the right time to strengthen the relationship with your near and dear ones, by sending the greetings of health, happiness and prosperit...

02nd June 2010

Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day and Parties

In this world one will find hundred of communities and every community has its own events and festivals. But there are some events and festivals that are celebrated worldwide. Like New Year, Christmas and Good Friday are some of the annual commemoration t...

12th March 2010

Bold Bachelor Party and Fun in Ultimate Bachelor Party Destinations

The bachelor party is just based on the principal of a famous saying "work hard and party harder" so as to make it possible fun and craziness is must. There are many types of parties but the one which took away the hearts is the bachelor's party and its w...

26th February 2010

Pajama Party Events- Happy Moment to Remember of Earlier Golden Time

A pajama party is a grand way for kids or grown up girl to get together and have a good time. The pajama party or slumber party is one of the most popular parties enjoyed by children and teens. Pajama party is really not much different from any other part...