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21st December 2009

Out of the mouth of Babes

My grandson, who we shall call "Cutie-Pie", comes into my bedroom and wants to watch television with me. I am currently watching a show but I allow him to change the channel to one of his favorite channels. I was really enjoying his company when he tol...

18th December 2009

Similarities in the styles of Caucasian and African American Hair

Caucasian hair and African American is obviously different. But, the ways that they are different is almost kind of funny. Perms: When a black women says that she is getting a perm, she means she is having all curl removed and is now going for the...

18th December 2009

Deep Pockets of Love - Love Discovered Deep Inside a Pocket - a New Grand-Child

Where is love stored? How can you go one day from knowing everyone you love to the next day of adding another person to that list automatically without thought? These are questions I ask myself when I was presented a new grandchild. I have 3 children...