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09th April 2010

Where to Find Rap Instrumentals

There are a ton of rappers on the Internet in this day and age. A majority of them are relying on hip hop sites that allow them to upload their music or forums for battling. One thing that they are all looking for but are not easy to find are quality rap ...

09th April 2010

How to Buy Rap Beats Online

The music being produced by many aspiring rap artist today is one sided. There are just to many of these newcomers that are limited to one set of skills. Usually they are lyrical masters who get the lyrical side of rap music but fall short on the musical ...

09th April 2010

Buy R&B Beats in 4 Easy Steps

Many artist out there today are hesitant to buy R&B beats online but this simple guide will help you calm any fears you may have and help you to buy R&B beats easily. Wether you have established yourself in the mixed taped scene, with the R&B beats of oth...

09th April 2010

Rap Instrumentals with Hooks

When it comes to rap music the main focus is on the beat because it is the most noticeable and crucial part of a song. Almost as important but often forgotten about, especially by rappers just getting their start, are rap instrumentals with hooks. What ra...

09th April 2010

Instrumentals with Hooks

Instrumentals with hooks is a term that you hear in the music business. Instrumentals with hooks is the portion of a song your remember when it is over, the part that touches you and that you can not stop signing, even when you do not want to. Some of the...

09th April 2010

How to Easily Get R&B Beats

Do you have a great voice but can't find the right R&B beats to back it up or compliment it? Would you like to get those R&B beats with out having to spend thousands of dollars on a producer? Have you found that even the software to make R&B beats cost hu...

09th April 2010

Buy Rap Beats With Ease

If you desire to be a rap artist, you will at some point need to buy rap beats to go along with your lyrics. Your other choices are to find someone to create rap beats for you are make them yourself but both of these options can be hard when you are first...

09th April 2010

Hip Hop Beats

One of the most famous types of music in the world today is hip hop, it simply keeps gaining more and more fans every year. The things that these artists say in every one of their songs are very addictive. Once you listen to some of the most popular hip...