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10th June 2011

Divorce Magazine Publisher Interviewed on Bronfman Divorce Celebration

Leave it to the larger-than-life Bronfman's to shed a decadent light on one of the divorcing world's lesser known, but arguably the most interesting -- and according to experts, emotionally intelligent -- trends: Divorce celebrations with both (soon-to-be...

18th February 2011

5 Valentine's Day Survival Tips for Divorced People

Marketing-inspired images of lovers exchanging heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, advertisements that invite couples to escape for a romantic getaway for two, and pretty much everything else to do with Valentine's Day can paint a picture that is painfully a...

26th November 2010

Divorce Magazine Publisher on Huffington Post's New Divorce Section

As reported by Divorce Magazine last month, the The Huffington Post has launched a divorce section to help its readers make it through the often scary, expensive and traumatic process of divorce. And one the new section's first prospective contributors i...

20th June 2010

Do You Need a Financial Advisor During Divorce?

During divorce, retaining the services of a qualified and compassionate family lawyer can be the best - and most influential — decision you'll make. Yet in addition to legal advice and support, you might need in-depth financial guidance, too. If so, the...

12th February 2010

The Good Divorce

The "good divorce" is not an oxymoron. The simple truth is that while there are bad divorces, there are also good ones. And it's never too late to have a good divorce. My older daughter got married twenty-five years after her father and I divorced. A lar...

09th February 2010

What My Family Did for My Divorce

How is your family affecting your divorce -- in a positive or negative way?This is a fictional account of two marriages that explores how the behavior of families can affect the experience of divorce. Sheila and Carrie have been friends since grade school...

08th January 2010

It's Your Life, Take Charge!

Here are some practical suggestions on how to make your divorce easier and less adversarial -- so you and your children can move on with dignity and respect. We need to learn how to have a more amenable divorce, especially when there are children involve...

04th January 2010

Guys Only Guide to Divorce - WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS?

What are the signs that my kids are having trouble? The Guys-Only guide to Getting Over Divorce and on with LIFE, SEX, and RELATIONSHIPS by Sam J Buser PhD & Glenn F. Sternes PhD. Reactions to divorce among children may be sudden and obvious, or more pe...

23rd December 2009

New York Divorce Law

What are the grounds for divorce in New York? If you are a resident of the state of New York, four of the grounds in New York divorce law are based on "fault" of one of the parties. They are: 1) cruel and inhuman treatment; 2) abandonment for one or m...

18th December 2009

New Jersey Divorce Law

What are the grounds for divorce in New Jersey? Although New Jersey divorce law has both fault and no-fault grounds, in most cases, fault has no bearing on how marital assets will be divided. In rare cases, the court may consider the grounds for divorce...

15th December 2009

Ontario Divorce Law

The Divorce Act is a federal law made by the Parliament of Canada, administered equally across all provinces and territories. Only the superior court of each province has jurisdiction to deal with a Petition for Divorce, in Ontario divorce law. The Act s...

11th December 2009

Illinois Divorce Law

What are the grounds for divorce in Illinois? Prior to 1984, Illinois divorce law required residents to show "fault" (such as adultery or cruelty) as a basis for proving marriage breakdown. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act now allow...

11th December 2009

Texas Divorce Law

What are the grounds for divorce in Texas? A divorce may be granted under Texas divorce law using either "Fault" or "No-Fault" grounds. Fault grounds include: (1) adultery; (2) abandonment; (3) confinement for incurable insanity for three years; (4...

10th December 2009

Florida Divorce Law

What are the grounds for divorce in Florida? "Dissolution of marriage" is the legal term for ending a marriage in Florida divorce law. A dissolution of marriage is the legal act of terminating a marriage through a court action. The Florida Dissolution o...

09th December 2009

Tiger Woods apologizes for affair with L.A. waitress.

Golf legend Tiger Woods posted a public apology for his past extramarital affairs on his website yesterday, following a week of media scrutiny about his personal life."I have let my family down, and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart,...