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23rd September 2010

Different skincare regimen for Different Ages

Most women would have tried at least some methods and therapies that promised to make them look younger and more beautiful. It is true that all treatments do not work on all women and sometimes they don't work after a certain age. It should be noted that ...

23rd September 2010

Why using a moisturiser is so important

Proper skin care regimen is a must if you wish to look younger than your age and have healthy looking skin. There are various steps to a proper skin care regimen and moisturising is one of the most important ones. Moisturising helps hydrate the skin and k...

23rd September 2010

Skin care while holidaying - Tips for men

Although men never admit it, they like to look well-groomed and handsome. Some of them even spend a lot of time grooming themselves. As most men are still not sure about what skin care products to buy, they normally prefer price over quality. They do not ...

23rd September 2010

The best way to remove unwanted hair permanently - Laser hair removal

Unwanted hair is a common problem for both men and women. Hair on the armpits and face is considered a social taboo, especially in the western culture. Temporary hair removal systems such as tweezing, waxing and shaving have to be carried out on small are...

22nd September 2010

The fight against ageing and attempts to look younger – The never ending story

Ageing is the kind of stalker that is going to get you sooner or later. The fight against ageing and attempts to look younger are a never ending quest for most women. Yes, 'most' because not all women want to look younger than they actually are. For some,...

20th September 2010

Rio Scanning Laser - Remove Unwanted Hair and Say Goodbye to Smelly, Hairy Armpits

It often happens that you are so stuck at work and have a thousand things to do that take all your time away and you just can't take time out to get rid of armpit hair. Hairy armpits also mean smelly armpits and that is the most annoying thing. But now yo...

16th September 2010

Cellulite and Cellulite Treatment - Demystified and Simplified

This is not a discussion about what the cellulite problem is all about. It is about something better and that is the treatment for this problem. Quite a number of people go "Eeeks! I have cellulite" when they espy this problem. Some try and ignore it (for...

16th September 2010

Busting the biggest myth about skin and skin care – Uncover the truth

No more rumours and no more myths. Learn the truth about your skin taking care of it. The truth about skin care is that you need to do the simple things right. You need to get started on a skin care routine and stick to it. Don't try ten different things ...

15th September 2010

Ultra Hair Away - A satisfied user speaks

I was increasingly getting tired of shaving everyday. I also knew that it was something that was unavoidable, but I kept searching for some product that would ensure that my face didn't warrant a shave every day. My hunt for such a product led me to Ultra...

13th September 2010

How to get rid of stretch marks without going for surgery?

Many people are concerned about stretch marks on their body. They do not wish to go under the knife to get rid of these marks. Most people prefer easy ways to free themselves of these marks. Finding a proper solution for this is a difficult task. Stretch...

13th September 2010

A safe guide to laser hair removal procedures

You may have it all - long lustrous locks, radiant skin and a perfect body - but still one thing might ruin your entire appearance and that is unwanted hair. While this problem is not a serious one, it's nonetheless frustrating. Going to a salon every few...

08th September 2010

The importance of anti-ageing foods in making you look young

Most people, if not all, want to look younger than their actual age. No one wishes to look older and sport wrinkles, fine lines and dull skin. In order to look younger, you need to make some lifestyle alterations. You should change your eating habits and ...

08th September 2010

How microdermabrasion improves the complexion of your skin

Is Microdermabrasion safer than chemical peels? Microdermabrasion is like a facial where your face is treated with tiny crystals. It may take a few sessions but it is very effective. Wrinkles and fine lines diminish and even skin that is prone to acne ...

02nd September 2010

Stay away from a heavy diet – For beautiful skin

Skin is the largest organ of your body and covers every inch of it. You need to give due importance to body skin care in order to ensure your skin remains healthy and beautiful. There are some important precautions you can take in this regard and one of t...

01st September 2010

Anti ageing solutions – For a younger looking you!

Everyone wants to look younger than they actually are, except probably children who always want to look older. You cant stop ageing, but you can definitely slow down its effect on your skin. This can be done by using various skin care products and by maki...