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08th February 2010

Exactly How Does MagicJack Work, And Why So Cheap?

With MagicJack being so cheap, people ask, how does MagicJack work? Caller ID, call waiting, voice mail and directory assistance makes people think that this is one of too good to be true products you see on TV all the time. That's exactly what I had...

06th January 2010

Magic Jack Florida 5 Items You Want to Understand That May Aid Your Decision

1. Magic Jack Florida, cheap VoIP: Magic Jack Florida, is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) company that will work in Florida or any other state you use it in. What this device can do is allow you to make unlimited long distance calls using your hi...

31st August 2009

Review of Magic Jack Internet Phone, should you buy?

The Magic Jack internet phone is a new member of the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology which allows you to make free local and long distance calls in the US and Canada. This device plugs into any open USB port on your computer, it transfers a...

12th May 2009

VoIP Technology is Breaking the Chains of the Traditional Phone Companies

Before companies like Magic Jack and Vonage we were slaves to the traditional land based phone systems. Big phone companies like AT&T and SBC (just to mention a couple) had us at a disadvantage and they knew it. With traditional land lines, every feature ...