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30th September 2009

A Line for More Extension...

I recently replaced the business phone systems in the company I own to accommodate the needs of my staff. I wish I could say that it was to accommodate the needs of our customers, but sadly, that isn't the case. You see, our old phone system had many more...

16th September 2009

Personal Skin Care Routine Tips

Skin has many important functions in our body. The skin is also the largest excretion organ, eliminating bodily waste through its pores. Having a good daily skin care routine is very important to the health of your skin and essential step towards having a...

16th September 2009

Beauty Tips only for Men.

Gone are the days when men going to beauty parlor were unacceptable, thought to be taboo or people would doubt them. De facto, history reveals that men would use kohl thousands of years ago! Now again, it is very much in the fashion, totally acceptable an...