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02nd May 2012

Why Businesses are Eyeing SMS from PC Software?

Short message service better known as SMS was first used in 1992, when the first SMS message was sent over the Vodafone GSM network. Since then, this mode of communication has become more popular and its usage has been increasing at a drastic rate, for e...

15th March 2012

What are the different formulae for paint?

Taste for colour is one of the most common endowments for human kind. It is difficult to spot a good house, office, car, furniture etc that lacks colour. Colour enhances the appearance of the environment around us and it is one of the things that define t...

06th March 2012

SMS Gateway service for cost-effective communication for businesses

A SMS Gateway company (aggregator) stands between businesses and mobile phone carriers. The service makes it possible for businesses to send text messages in bulk to their customers. The SMS service is one of the most cost-effective tools for speedy trans...

07th February 2012

Transform Plain Walls with Texture Coating System

Your home defines your lifestyle and your personality. Its interiors, exteriors, furnishing and wall colours- all hint at your taste and preferences. The best way to bring life to your home is by using paints that may be vibrant or sophisticated, dependin...

26th January 2012

Bulk SMS service: how it can make the difference in business communication

Users are always on the lookout for companies that offer cost effective and quality services. Everyone wants to avail of the best and latest in technology. Companies, which adopt new applications to provide their services, always stand in the first positi...

21st December 2011

Send SMS from Email Using Text Messaging Software

If you plan to use text messaging services for your business, text messaging software can be used to facilitate bulk SMS messages from your PC. The software allows you to send messages to your customers, suppliers, affiliates and staff in a convenient and...

07th December 2011

Few parameters to evaluate the effectiveness of your text messaging provider

This article is useful for you if you run a small scale business or are trying to promote your business with messages. Mass text messaging is some thing very common to the businesses these days. Businesses use mass text messaging either to promote busines...

01st December 2011

How to start your own mass sms campaign with highest efficacy levels

There are many benefits any mass sms campaign can provide to your business but for businesses at a small scale and businesses which have recently incorporated marketing can be considered to the biggest point to ponder via mass sms. So if you have a small ...

14th November 2011

Two popular methods of sending text online or Internet sms by using computer

We all are very aware about the messages and their importance in our day to day life. Use of messages has a very long history sand there are evidences that ancient people were sending messages for administrative purpose or for well being of loved ones and...

22nd October 2011

Few things you need to arrange for starting your own mass sms campaign

Telecommunication operator's major chunk of profit comes from services apart from regular voice call service and services other then voice calls are known as VAS (Value added services). Some of the value added services any service provider offers are call...

10th October 2011

Text short code has benefits like brand recognition, awareness and increased responses

When we receive a message normally a full length of mobile number which is often ten digit long appears and obviously no one want to remember that ten digit long number if it is related to some promotional information which is irrelevant to you. Often peo...

10th October 2011

The most effective and economic way of business promotion is bulk sms campaign

There was a time when leaf lets and other printed promotional material was of high use among the businesses and majority of businesses were dependent over the use of such print media. After few years News papers were considered to be the best way to promo...

23rd August 2011

Add many folds warmth in regular christmas cards use personalized christmas cards

Every person want to maintain healthy relations with your loved ones and other professional networks. Very good way of maintaining relations is to show off your feelings to others, show then that you cares , think and wonder a lot about them. People expre...

23rd August 2011

Low cost & easy operation makes mass sms ideal for new businesses and sms providers

Mobiles have become most successful electronic device till date. Almost every person uses mobile to communicate or to send messages. Means mobile serves verbal and written communication needs. Short messaging service or popularly known as sms is a text me...

16th August 2011

160 sms characters are taking businesses high with the use of mass text message

Sms, abbreviation for short message service, limited to only one hundred and sixty characters in many countries, widely used with all type of mobile or Internet based applications like text message on mobiles, Text on line in form of emails and Internet s...